The EDC-LL324 is a smart LED driver IC capable of driving up to four LED strings in either buck or boost configuration. It combines four independent 64-MHz current-controlling state machines, an AVR® compatible micro controller, and four gate driver pairs for external low-RDS(on) P/N-channel MOSFETs supporting LED currents up to 5A. 


  • Four independent N-channel / Four independent P-Channel MOSFET drivers
  • Four adjustable PI regulators
  • Four current sensing amplifiers
  • Syncronous rectification option
  • Fixed frequency PWM engine up to 200kHz
  • 16 MHz 8 bit AVR compatible MCU
  • 10 bit 2MSPS SAR ADC
  • 8 kB OTP memory
  • Internal oscillator, timers, monitors
  • SPI, I²C, UART , free GPIOs


  • RGBW (single or string LEDs) applications as
  • wall wash lighting,
  • ambient lighting,
  • aquarium or plant lighting


Contact Person: Anne-Marie Neumann
Telefon/Phone: +49 371 524 59-0