The EDC-SM101 is an IC for inductive proximity sensor applications and can be used with a range of inductive transducers. It does have the analog front end, the detection logic, output stage and the status LED drivers (Detection and Power) integrated.


  • Fully integrated low cost proximity sensor IC
  • Supply voltage 5.5VDC … 38VDC
  • User-adjustable sensing range and hysteresis (0…15%)
  • Can work with a broad selection of inductive transducers
  • Voltage regulator to improve immunity against fluctuations of supply voltage
  • Inactive output during start-up
  • NPN open collector output with guaranteed sink current of 150mA
  • Output overload/overcurrent protection
  • Broad range of operating frequency: 100kHz…1MHz
  • Broad operating temperature range: -25°C...90°C
  • Package QFN24


Inductive Proximity Sensors


Contact Person: Anne-Marie Neumann
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