Air quality sensor


Safety for industrial environments

Air quality sensor


Safety for industrial environments


The Airtracker is an intelligent sensor device to monitor the air quality in industrial environments. The device measures particle exposure, temperature, rel. humidity as well as noise level and saves the sensor data for later documentation. If a value exceeds country-specific or programmed limits, the user will get informed via the LED traffic light signal or via email. Live-data can be displayed in a web-application via WLAN connection. The continuous monitoring and signalisation of the dust exposure can help to safe employees and workers. Additionally integrated programmable relays can be used to efficiently switch on connected devices such as filtration units when dust exposure hits certain levels.


  • Helps for a save working environment
  • Signalisation of exceeded limits via LED lights and via email
  • Logging of sensor data for easy documentation
  • Efficiently controls connected devices such as filtration units
  • IoT ready with MQTT and OPC UA protocols


  • Particle exposure measurement up to a concentration of 15 mg/m³
  • Temperature and rel. humidity measurement
  • Noise level detection
  • Traffic light LED-signal (red, yellow, green) for dust exposure
  • Country-specific configuration of dust exposure limits
  • 3 potentialfree relay switches for control of e.g. filtration units
  • 2 digital input for additional sensor devices (FireDetection and ProcessControl)
  • Display and save measurement data via smartphone and tablet
  • Switch measurement on/off via smartphone and tablet
  • Programmable standby time

Technical Information

Dimensions 570 mm x 250 mm x 223 mm
Weight approx. 12 kg
Case metal
IP Standard IP20
Voltage supply 230/110 VAC; 50/60 Hz
maximal height 2000 m NN
WLAN/LAN Standard 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11n / 1 Gbps IEEE802.3                   
IoT protocols MQTT and OPC UA
Dust concentration 0...15 mg/m³ (+/- 0,1 mg/m³) with particle size from 0,5 µm


-10°C bis +60°C (+/- 1°C)
Rel. humidity

10...80 % (+/- 5 %); 

80...95 % (+/- 7 %)

Noise level 40 dB bis 110 db (+/- 5 dB)















Contact person: Dr. Martin Neumann


Phone: +49 371 524 59 0

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