DPC - Differential Pressure Control

New: connectivity for new IoT applications.

DPC - Differential Pressure Control

New: connectivity for new IoT applications.


The DPC Differential Pressure Control measures the differential pressure in different ranges between 0 and up to 10 kPa. The integrated pressure sensors are appropriate for non-aggressive gases. Typical uses-cases are air-filtration- and air-conditioning-units as well as clean-room and medicine technics. Another application is the measurement of the volume flow with an installed aperture.

The base unit already delivers features such as 3-digit LED display, analogue output signal (4-20 mA), 2-point-regulator and three individually programmable relays switches.

Because of the modular concept the device is quickly customisable to allow individual configurations. Available options are listed below.

Standard Features

  • Differential pressure measurement in various pressure ranges (e.g. +10 kPa)
  • 3-digit LED display
  • Scaled analog output signal (4...20 mA)
  • 2-point-regulator with programmable relay
  • 2 alarm programmable relays switches (min, max)
  • programmable alarm waiting time
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • CE conformity

More Options


  • Individual print
  • Jack-connector for standard power supply
  • customer-specific n-pole M12-plug
  • NEW: IoT module for Ethernet and WLAN connection


  • Modbus-connection for digital I/Os
  • Programmable analog output signal (differential pressure, volume flow and PID)
  • Function of the relays switch (2-point-regulation or flushing)
  • MQTT protocoll (only in combination with IoT module hardware option)


  • Air-filtration and air-conditioning
  • Medicine applications
  • Clean room control


Contact person: Dr. Martin Neumann

Mail: request@ed-chemnitz.de

Phone: +49 371 524 59 0

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