High-Voltage Driver IC


High-Voltage Driver IC



The EDC-IC8008 is a general-purpose HV driver IC with 8 high voltage push-pull outputs.
The outputs can drive capacitive and resistive loads such as piezoelectric devices, electroluminescent devices, micro mechanic actors and similar applications.


  • High voltage driver with 8 parallel push-pull outputs (40mA sink/source)
  • Supply voltage range  20VDC…300VDC
  • External resistors to control switching time and power losses
  • Direct transistor gate control input (parallel, standard CMOS compatible input voltage range)
  • N-N output stages for lower power losses, wide load variations


Driving of capacitive and resistive loads as

  • Electroluminescent displays
  • Piezoelectric actuators
  • Capacitive actuators
  • Transducers
  • MEMS


Contact person: Anne-Marie Neumann

Mail: request@ed-chemnitz.de

Phone: +49 371 524 59 0

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