EDC-PU 005


The EDC-PU005 has both N-channel and P-channel output drivers, a buck and linear regulator and two OP-AMPs. It is highly suitable as a supply and output stage for many applications such as MCU power stage, I/O and sensor interface.


  • 100mA P-channel and N-channel over-current and short-circuit protected open drain outputs suitable
    to built a 3-wire interface
  • Built in 5V/20mA linear regulator
  • Adjustable fixed frequency buck regulator (8…34V)
  • Linear and buck reguator may be connected in series or parallel
  • 2 independent LED current sinks (2mA)
  • 2 independent general purpose OP-amps


  • Sensor Applications (supply and interface)
  • CMOS – 3 wire interface
  • Level shifter
  • MCU power stage


Contact Person: Anne-Marie Neumann
Phone: +49 371 524 59-0