Automation - technologies

Expertise and modular platforms for the development of individual electronic solutions and software for industrial applications

Automation - technologies

Expertise and modular platforms for the development of individual electronic solutions and software for industrial applications

Since 2008 we have developed numerous individual solutions for our customers in various industries and can therefore refer to a broad industry knowledge in the fields of sensor and controller electronics, electric drives as well as industry 4.0 solutions.

The rate our customers have to innovate in their markets is increasing. In order to carry out development projects even faster and more cost-effectively, we offer platforms close to series production. This helps with feasibility studies and, subsequently, the individual adaptation for series production.

Sensor and controller electronics

Real-time data ist the base for Industrial IoT applications. Since 2008 we develop and produce tailor-made sensor and controller solutions with modern IoT-connectivity, suitable sensor technologies for applications e.g. measuring dust particles detection and individually designed software with touch-interactive user interfaces and apps for mobile devices.

Technology platform "Pallida"

Our modular processor platform with three different performance classes delivers the ideal amount of processing power, memory and connectivity for industrial applications. The platform enables us to reduce the development time to reach first prototypes and is still highly customisable.

Name Pallida microPallida      nanoPallida
Size 110 x 85 mm 50 x 85 mm 30 x 55 mm
Votlage 24 V 24 V 5 V
Processor iMX6 Dual Ti A355x ESP32 Dual
Clock 1 GHz 1 GHz 240 MHz
Graphics HDMI Optional -
RAM 1 GB 512 MB 520 kB
Flash 4 GB 4 GB -
micro SD yes yes optional
Ethernet yes yes yes
WLAN add-on yes yes
Bluetooth add-on yes yes
USB yes yes no
Interfaces SPI, UART, I²C, CANopen, Modbus, JSON, MQTT
OS Linux; Qt RTOS, Firmware
Application GUI, Soft-SPS Web-Server IoT-edge device

Electrical drives

Using modern integration- and production technologies, electrical drives become available for new applications. We develop power electronics solutions, including integrated high-voltage circuits, control algorithms and modern packaging technologies for optimized thermal behavior and highest possible efficiency at the same time. Notable expertises are:

  • Development and production of frequency converter
  • Control algorithms for electrical drives (ASM, PMSM, BLCD, Stepper, DC)
  • Development of integrated high-voltage driver-ICs and components
  • research on modern semiconductor materials such as GaN for efficient electronics and high switching cycles

Example: customer-specific frequency inverter Sycotec e@syDrive

The e@syDrive HF inverter series 4624, 4625, 4626 from Sycotec GmbH & Co. KG for a power range up to 1000 VA is such an example. In addition to the inverter functionality, it is possible to integrate the devices into many applications via a variety of interfaces. The built-in connectivity enables comfortable operation via PC or smartphone.

Individual Software

Due to the simultaneous development of hard- and software in our projects we deal with several important topics from software achitecture to ergonomic front end design.

Often microcontroller-based electronics are a sufficient and cost-effective solution. Therefore we have experience in developing C and C++ firmware code for microcontrollers from the ARM, STM32 and PIC family. We also maintain an own embedded Linux OS solution for our ARM-based processor boards "Pallida" with live images for each application.

Part of all solutions are suitable interfaces and protocols from websockets Modbus to IoT-protocols like MQTT and OPC UA. Individual apps for webbrowser (e.g. Airtracker web-app, smartFIT dashboards), Android and iOS are complementing our portfolio.


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