Electronic Design Chemnitz

Smart Company - Special Solutions

Your partner for development and production of customer-specific electronic solutions from integrated circuits to programmable logic controller.

Electronic Design Chemnitz

Smart Company - Special Solutions

Your partner for development and production of customer-specific electronic solutions from integrated circuits to programmable logic controller.


The design of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) enables entirely new products. We develop chip-based solutions in sensor electronics, high-voltage-, mixed-signal-design and life science.


We combine your requirements for control electronics and sensors with the most modern approaches of Industry 4.0 for a higher efficiency and reliability of your products.

Test and Production

We transfer developments into series production and ensure compliance with current standards and guidelines with our quality management. Individual in-house tests guarantee a high quality of our production.

Industry 4.0

We easily connect existing and new machines with our EDC smartFIT IoT gateways, adapt them to your applications and interfaces and design the appropriate graphical dashboards.

Smart Company - Special Solutions

We are a mid-size company with our headquarters located close to the University Campus in Chemnitz, Germany. Our focus is on the development and production of customer specific electronics, from application specific integrated circuits to electronic systems.

Your idea. Our know-how. Your product.

Our project management team time- and cost-efficiently coordinates the development of your idea to become a final series product. With the know-how of our developers for automation and IC-design we guide you through specification phases, find innovative solutions and qualify the product based on your requirements. Our production team prepares processes for assembly and In-house-tests for series production. Eventually, together with our partners we take care of a smooth production and continuous support.

Platform-based development at EDC

The worldwide business activities of our customers means that they are more confronted with shorter innovation cycles and emerging disruptive IoT-technologies. This leads to an increase in risk and development costs.

Our smart solution

For that reason we offer development platforms for Automation and IC-Design which can compensate the increase of risk and costs due to their modular approach by even enabling more flexibility to develop new products.

Your benefits

The use of our development platforms and individual adaption to your requirements reduces time and effort to reach first prototypes for testing. This is also true for the qualification phase of the product since already established testing processes can be used. Platform components that are already in series production deliver high quality standards and reduce the risk for new product launches and enable budget-friendly series prices.


A constant high quality standard as well as the protection of know-How is important for the success of our customers.

For this reason all products that are dispatched to our customers are tested with our own In-house-test-equipment. Experienced test engineers develop application-specific test processes and reliable production worker operate individual test adapters for your products. We enhance these test processes also during series production so you can always rely on great quality products.  

Especially for integrated circuits (ICs) we rely on an extensive partly full-automatic test equipment for development and series production from wafer-level-tests up to 12 inch in our clean room (class 6 comparable) and final testing. So we can guarantee constant high quality and maximum protection of your technology.

Industrial IoT platform - EDC smartFIT connect


Industrial IoT solutions do not have to be complicated and expensive - we show you how you can benefit from the advantages of digitzation with our new cost-effective, sustainable and customizable technology platform "EDC smartFIT connect".

Your idea - our platform - just digital

Like our customers, you can retrofit your new and existing systems with our EDC smartFIT products, e.g. with a current measurement or with digital interfaces to the IT infrastructure. All EDC smartFIT devices already support the IoT protocol MQTT to communicate with control systems, ERP software or cloud services. With the collected data you can easily exploit economic and ecological potentials.

Are you a machine manufacturer or system integrator looking for an individual Industrial IoT solution?

Generate your own smartFIT device with us - simple and inexpensive. Together we will implement your requirements for interfaces, functions and design in a short project time. Find out more.



Become part of our team and actively shape innovative projects!
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Smart Company - Special Solutions

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